DIJBO Cleaning was founded in 1980 due to the question whether, next to pickling, grinding work could also be performed by our employees. This was the start of many years of knowledge and expertise in the world of stainless steel grinding. In 1984 the shares of Dijbo Cleaning were sold to the Metalfinish Group. In 1998 there was a change of management, with the dividing of different departments as a consequence. In this year the manual grinding and polishing department was established with its own location at the Schoenmakerstraat in Sneek. In 2001 the company took over Oosterhof Grinding and both went further under the name of Friesland Finish. In mid 2005, the shares were sold again to our company, the Metalfinish Group as we moved to the Lorentzstraat and the Professor Zernikestraat in Sneek.


Metalfinish group


Takeover RVS Slijperij huitema

After the negotiations at the end of 2014, the contracts were signed in January 2015 and the transfer of RVS Slijperij Huitema, with former director Durk Huitema, was a fact. This created more space, as we now had a workshop in Joure at our disposal in addition to our building in Sneek. All of the mechanical grinding machines were transferred to the new location, and the mechanical grinding and polishing department would now operate from Joure.

The extension of our workshop in Joure

In 2016, once the drawings were ready the building of the left and right wings could start. Both neighboring companies Dotec & Van den Berg Staalbouw, agreed to sell a part of their ground. That gave us the possibility to extend on both sides of the existing building. After the renovation, all three departments moved to Joure so all of our operations could take place under one roof which was an upgrade as it often occurs that finishes are combined to achieve the best result. The image on the left shows the construction of hall four with the cellar for the filter systems of our H2OFinsh cabin while being under construction.


Metalfinish group

In-house knowledge


Project support & advice

A common problem is that, due to insufficient knowledge about non-ferrous materials such as stainless steel, wrong decisions are made at an early stage. Most of the time this is reflected in the last stage of the production chain. Think of problems such as choosing the wrong finish, the wrong material, a wrong sequence within the production chain, bad constructions, etc.

Avoid unnecessary costs and additional work with our advice and guidance. We are happy to think along with you, often no costs are charged.


ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality management systems. The ISO (Geneva) organization is responsible for drawing up and managing thousands of different standards. Most of these are product-oriented, but a few standards refer to generic management systems. By far the most known is ISO 9001, which refers to the quality management system. The Metalfinish Group obtained its ISO 9001 certification in November 2019. In addition, all our employees possess the VCA certificate so that safety can be guaranteed in our workshop and on site.



Metalfinish group

Building a better future

Topics as sustainability and building a more durable company are important to us. In 2021 we installed 1156 solar panels on the roof of our workshops. With that, the Metalfinish Group is a 100% self-sufficient when it comes to energy consumption.

One of our departments - H2Ofinish - uses a 'green way' of finishing stainless steel. However, we would like to take it a few steps further. Working on a better environment and a better future is becoming increasingly important, even in the metal branche of industry. More news on this subject will come soon. Stay tuned.