Our polishing department works on a worldwide scale specialised in the highest quality of mirror polishing required for the superyacht industry. We polish complete decks, bow plates, anchor pockets, fairleads, bullhorn fairleads, bollards, rope eyes and interior style objects.

The quality requirements of the mirror polish are the highest within the superyacht industry. For achieving these perfect results we rely heavily on the craftmanship of our employees. We have several employees specialised in this high quality surface treatment and have workshops at the biggest shipbuilders in the Netherlands. Other than stainless steel we also treat aluminum, messing, copper, titanium, duplex and other non ferro materials.

Metalfinish group


"A sustainable and maintenance-friendly future for your superyacht "

The cleaning, maintenance, and repair of stainless steel is also provided on a global scale by the Metalfinish Group. After inspection of the surface condition, the degree of damage, and the existing corrosion, we will construct a customized plan of action. To ensure a long service life of stainless steel, we recommend regular maintenance.


We can take care of the removal of corrosion and the restoring of the surface on site, worldwide. The before & after images show an example of surface rust removal on a superyacht in Antibes, France. We use new technologies for this, including our protect treatment. This treatment gives stainless steel surfaces superior corrosion resistance that cannot be achieved by other processes. This application can be performed on new surfaces as well as restored corroded surfaces. Contaminated zones are always subjected to a post-treatment so that the corrosion resistance can be fully restored.

Metalfinish group