The grinding of vessel heads and shells is done both in our workshop as well as on site (within Europe). It is often a process that is combined with the grinding of sheets after which all the parts are welded together as one. Our employees will then remove all weldings and eventual transport damages on site. We grind up to any desired grit size and when needed measurement reports will be included as well. Our machinery for the finishing of vessel heads consists of:

  • Two vessel head grinders
    Dimensions available up to a diameter of 6 meters


We have two grinding machines for this particular product of which one is available for transport so that we can finish vessel heads on site throughout Europe. This feature is particularly interesting for customers with multiple vessel heads or when it comes to larger diameters. In these cases, transporting the machines is more efficient than transporting the shells or vessel heads.


The polishing of vessel heads is not something that occurs often, but it is a possibility when needed. We can polish the bottoms up to a high gloss mirror polish. This feature is often used for an artistic purpose.


Metalfinish group
    0vesselheads grinded on a yearly basis
    0grinding belts used yearly


    The Metalfinish Group is specialized in the grinding and polishing of vessel heads in various shapes and materials. Our production facilities are equipped for a wide range of sizes and thicknesses, precisely matched to the desired product. Of course, depending on the type of material. Think of torispherical heads (klöpper-heads), semi ellipsoidal heads (korbbogen-heads), ellipsoidal heads, hemispherical heads, flat heads or segmented heads.


    All vessel heads will be provided with a special fiber laser foil. If you have special requirements in terms of packaging, please notify us so that we can adjust.