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Due to a lack of knowledge on non-ferrous materials such as stainless steel, mistakes are often made at an early stage in the design process. Most of the times, these mistakes come forward at the end of the production chain. Think of problems such as choosing the wrong finish, a bad choice of material, not the right work sequence within the production chain, wrong constructions and so on. It is unfortunate when extra costs occur afterwards or when deadlines need to be postponed. Nobody wins in such a situation. We are happy to help you with:

  • Giving advice during the preliminary phase
  • Project supervision during the entire production process. We have already provided this for a wide range of customers worldwide. Most of the times we work together with the team on site provided by our clients.

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Corrosion problems

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Stainless steel must be able to breathe to keep its passive chromium oxide skin in good condition. This means that the dirt deposits that present itself on the surface must be thoroughly removed. Due to a lack of knowledge when it comes to non-ferrous materials, wrong decisions are often made in early stages of the production chain. Incorrect performed maintenance can also cause stainless steel to corrode. If such problems are not notified during the production process, they often show after installment on site quite quickly.

Avoid unnecessary costs and additional work with our advice and guidance. Often, no costs involved.




We can take care of the removal of corrosion on site worldwide. The before & after images show an example of surface rust removal on a superyacht in Antibes, France. We use new technologies for this, including our protect treatment. This treatment gives stainless steel surfaces superior corrosion resistance that cannot be achieved by any other process. This application can be performed on new surfaces as well as for maintenance and the repair of corroded surfaces.

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