Our machine park is one of the largest in Europe. This allows us to process all sheets according to the desired requirements, regardless of measurements and thickness. We have the following machines available in our workshop:

  • Two long belt machines
    Sheet metal up to 9.000 mm width, length and thickness limitless
  • Three broad band machines
    Sheet metal up to 14.000 x 2.000 mm, no limits in thickness
  • Mechanical polishing machine
    Sheet metal up to 20.000 x 9.000 mm, no limits in thickness


We grind sheets up to any desired grit size. Our machines create an even grinding profile with the requested roughness value (up to Ra 0.1). We grind and polish all non-ferrous materials when it comes to sheets – standard sizes as well as customized sheets. Next to that there are no restrictions when it comes to length or thickness for both cold- and hot-rolled sheets. The products are always carefully covered with laser foil, single-sided or double-sided. If a client has different requirements when it comes to packaging, we’ll make sure to adjust our process and include the proper foil (or even no foil at all).


Our grindery is one of the largest in Europe. After the arrival of our new Peitzmeier grinding machine with a width of 10 meters and no limit when it comes to thickness, size is no longer an issue.

Size is not an issue

Metalfinish group
    0tons of sheets grinded annually
    0m² floor space grindery
    0m² laser foil processed annually


    One of our core values within all departments is flexibility. If necessary, our workstations will run 24/7 to complete the job on time.


    Polishing sheets up to mirror 8 quality is also an option, if necessary we can also do it double-sided. Please contact us for more information about these specific finishes.

    Extra service

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    Metalfinish group

    Platen ontfoliën

    The defoiling or refoiling of sheets is a labor intensive process. That is why we have developed a machine with which we are able to defoliate sheet metal. We are currently defoiliating 2080 tons of sheets per year.

    Every customer has its own reason for choosing for this option. After defoiling the sheets they are being grinded up to the desired roughness or gritt size (up to high gloss) and packaged accordingly.