The Metalfinish Group restores on site (worldwide) impurities of stainless steel surfaces not only for appearances but also to restore functionality. We take care of:

  • Organic impurities, which prevent the formation of the passive layer (a protective chromium oxide layer)
  • Contact corrosion due to pressed iron particles, oils or aggressive detergents
  • Scratches and damaged objects
  • Spots or streaks (etching)
  • Rust particles that come in contact with the surface (flat rust)

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Corrosion problems

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Stainless steel must be able to breathe to keep its passive chromium oxide skin in good condition. This means that the dirt deposits present on the surface must be thoroughly removed. Oxygen, which comes from the air, ensures that the oxide skin or layer remains in good condition. However, the oxygen molecules are larger in volume than the chlorides meaning that under the dirt deposit there will be no room for oxygen to ensure sufficient passivity. Due to their small size, chlorides cán get there and damage the material, which is called "under deposit attack" or "under deposit corrosion". The corrosion products that arise need more space, causing them to bleed out.
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We can take care of the removal of corrosion and the restoring of the surface on site, worldwide. The before & after images show an example of surface rust removal on a superyacht in Antibes, France. We use new technologies for this, including our protect treatment. This treatment gives stainless steel surfaces superior corrosion resistance that cannot be achieved by other processes. This application can be performed on new surfaces as well as restored corroded surfaces. Contaminated zones are always subjected to a post-treatment so that the corrosion resistance can be fully restored.


Until now, we have only mentioned solving the corrosion problems on stainless steel objects. However, we also provide maintenance and repair work on other non-ferrous materials such as aluminum, duplex, brass, etc. The images below show a project that was carried out for the auction house AAG in Amsterdam. We have restored the corroded brass door panels and detail elements to their original state (high-gloss polished brass).


Metalfinish group
Metalfinish group